Our company

Comset Semiconductors came into existence with a gap widened by major manufacturers such as Philips when they began discontinuing production of part of their transistors catalog.

Comset Semiconductors identified a growing number of unfulfilled demands coming from various industries such as transportation, medical, telecom and security.

Amongst them, customers manufacturing embedded electronics equipment or operating in the rail industry wanted to be assured that production and delivery of transistors would remain regular year by year, so that their own production would remain secure.

To bridge that gap, Comset Semiconductors began to extend the life cycle of mature but still useful and most popular types of devices, true to the specifications of the original, avoiding the expense of costly redesigns.


Branching out throughout the years, Comset Semiconductors now supplies a comprehensive range including:

- High Frequency
- Small Signal
- Power
- Darlington
- Unijunction
- Power Mos
- Thyristors
- Triacs

in a broad range of cases among which stand out SOT93, TO126, TO18, TO220, TO3, TO39.




Being a reliable alternative for engineers, designers and repair services, Comset Semiconductors provides solutions and adds value through:

- High excellence of quality and service
- A Thorough knowledge of the parts produced
- The ability to provide a customization of products to unique specifications, housing and marking
- Support for all aspects of our customers & strategy, from prototype to production
- Access to a full range of availability, from chip form to full wafers or waffle pack

Since our inception in 1974, Comset Semiconductors have supplied and accommodated our customers with quality products, reasonable costs and accurate delivery.